This WMV stream is compatible with Internet Explorer and
other browsers using an ActiveX plugin
Note: the live stream is available only during daylight hours

The video stream takes about 5-seconds to start due to buffering. If you are not receiving video, the limitation of six simultaneous users may have been reached. Ad-blocking software may also affect display of video.

Chrome users: you may view the WMV video stream in the Chrome browser by installing the IE-Tab extension, available here.

Firefox users: you may obtain the Windows Media Player plugin here. Note that in FF 21+, the Windows Media plugin is disabled by default and doesn't show up in the Add-ons manager. Please see these instructions for installing and enabling the plugin. Note: The WMP Plugin doesn't appear to work with FF 55+.

You may also view the live video stream by copying the following URL and pasting it directly into the media player of your choice: mms://

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